How to Attract Specific Travelers to Your Kissimmee Vacation Rental

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 at 10:24am.

Marketing a vacation rental is where many homeowners fall short when trying to get the most out of their home investment.

Knowing the different types of travelers who choose rental homes over hotels is the first step to generating more visibility (and guests) for your Kissimmee vacation rental home.

Vacation Rental for Families 

Families are the ideal audience for your rental property. Your vacation rental can provide all the comforts of home while helping parents save on the cost of traveling with children. Since Disney World hotels now charge for overnight parking, your vacation home will be even more appealing to budget-minded families. 

Vacation homes let families share meals and other activities without leaving the home. This saves them money, adds to your home’s convenience, and makes their entire vacation a little more stress-free. 

Include entertainment options such as board games, cards, Internet, and media streaming technology to keep all family members entertained. 

Travel Groups 

Travel groups offer a wide range of travel adventures based on shared interests and the opportunity to meet new people along the way. 

Staying in a vacation rental allows them to share more time together while also reducing the potential costs for each person. 

Groups get more space for their buck when staying at your rental home instead of an expensive hotel. They have the comfort and convenience of sharing a home while getting the privacy they need. 

Pools, outdoor areas, and other amenities attract group travelers. So keeping their needs in minds will help you create the home environment they need. 


Weddings often require friends and families to travel for the occasion. Your Kissimmee vacation rental home may be the perfect place for the bride, groom, or any of their guests during their stay. 

Most couples create an itinerary for everyone to enjoy the local attractions. Having a rental home can make it easy to coordinate activities while giving them a place to rest after a long day. 

Your home can provide the bride and bridesmaids with the location they need to get ready for the big event. It makes it easy for photographers, hair stylists, and make-up artists to meet in one place. 


Reunions let people reconnect and spend time catching up on the time that’s passed. A vacation rental accommodates friends and families during their stay and gives them the space they need to relax and enjoy their family, high school, or college reunions. 

Large homes accommodate more family members and provide the features they need to prepare meals, wash clothing, and meet their other daily needs. But the best part is that they feel like they have their own home away from home.

 Families, group travelers, wedding parties, and reunions are some of the people that you can attract to your Kissimmee vacation rental home. 

Understanding their needs and providing the amenities that enhance their vacation leads to more bookings and greater revenue for your rental home. 

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