How to Create the Ultimate Handbook for Vacation Rental Guests

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 10:07am.

Giving your guests a memorable experience is a big part of the success of your Orlando short-term rental home. 

Your home’s location, features, and surrounding attractions give travelers a reason to come back in the future, creating recurring revenue for you as a homeowner. 

The right guidebook makes your home stand out among the other rental options available on the market and gives guests everything they need during their stay. 

Provide the Essentials First 

Consider what information guests will need first and make sure they have it before they arrive. 

The following are essential items to include in your handbook to make the process easier for your home’s renters: 

  • Location and directions to and from the airport and other major landmarks such as Disney World and Universal Studios
  • Check-in and check-out times
  • You or your property manager’s name and contact information
  • Information regarding access to keys and entry points
  • Internet network and password 

Guests will want to know where to find basic items like dishes, appliances, towels and toiletries, and other personal items that add to the comfort and convenience of your home. 

Easy Access for Your Home’s Guests 

Making your handbook easily accessible helps guests avoid common issues related to checking in, your home’s features, and making their way around Orlando. 

Today’s travelers are accustomed to accessing information on mobile devices. Creating a digital guidebook makes it easy for them to get the information they need. 

A digital guidebook can be delivered as soon as guests complete their booking, giving them important information right away and making them look forward to enjoying your home and its surrounding attractions. 

Renters can access your digital guidebook to find places to eat, shop, and enjoy local tourist hotspots. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the typical travel guide experience, and include recommendations for special events in the area, concerts, pharmacies, banks, grocery stores and golf courses.    

Create a Personalized Experience 

If you can determine what type of guests your home attracts, you’ll provide the information that makes their stay more personalized and unique. 

The needs and preferences of families will be different compared to those of couples, business travelers, and others. 

What attractions are more likely to be visited by your guests? What activities will they want to do when relaxing in your home? What unique features of your home will they want to take advantage of? 

These are just some of the things you can consider when creating your handbook. You may also want to create multiple handbooks to appeal to different types of visitors. 

Your guidebook can be an invaluable resource, but it also plays a major role in the long-term success of your Orlando short-term rental. 

Knowing how to create the ultimate guidebook for your rental guests makes it easy to generate new and return bookings and get the highest return on your home investment for years to come.

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