How to Get Big Vacation Rental Returns With Simple DIY Hacks

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 at 9:27am.

Your Kissimmee vacation rental home is an investment that can lead to big returns. But you need to keep your home updated and equipped with the amenities that renters expect if you want to achieve long-term success.

Thankfully, there are some simple do-it-yourself (DIY) improvements you can make that won’t eat into your vacation rental profits. 

The following hacks will keep your property looking great while giving renters plenty of reasons to return to your vacation home. 

Start With the Details 

It’s easy to overlook the small details when maintaining your vacation rental home. But your home’s interior and exterior make a big difference in its appeal to your guests. 

Paying attention to things like paint, crown molding, fixtures, and other details show that you care about the experience that renters have in your home. It keeps your property looking its best and increases its marketability. 

Painting your home’s interior brightens rooms and eliminate smudges, nicks, and other blemishes. It’s an easy way to make your home look “like new” with minimal effort and cost. 

Crown molding enhances the perceived size of your home’s rooms while improving its overall aesthetic appeal. It’s a critical design element that many homeowners overlook. 

With just a few simple tools and materials, you can add the perfect crown molding to accentuate your home’s design and unique features. 

Your home’s exterior can be easily updated by painting doors and doing some simple landscaping at little to no cost. 

DIY Hardware Hacks 

Your home’s hardware includes the handles on doors and cabinets as well as sink faucets and shower heads among many others. But homeowners can fail to notice them over time. 

For renters, these small details influence how they perceive the value of your home. So changing them out can affect your bottom line when it comes to getting the highest return on your vacation rental investment. 

There are many options to choose from, giving you the ability to create a variety of looks from traditional to modern. Choose hardware that complements the design elements in your home to achieve the best results. 

Windows can be easily and inexpensively updated by removing outdated or worn blinds and replacing them with curtains and other accessories. 

DIY Lighting Upgrades for Your Kissimmee Vacation Rental 

Lighting is an essential part of any home, but it’s even more important when trying to accommodate vacation rental guests. 

Your home’s lighting creates different moods and meets a wide range of needs. Give renters plenty of lighting options by considering the functionality of different areas. Bedrooms, offices, media rooms and other spaces have multiple lighting needs. 

Dimmers let guests adjust their lighting, making it easy to create the environment they want. Light dimmers and motion sensors also help you minimize your energy costs while adding convenience to your home. 

Mirrors enhance your home’s lighting while making rooms appear larger. Position your mirrors by natural light sources to distribute incoming sunlight throughout the home. 

Mirrors can be purchased at any home accessory retailer, and there are inexpensive options in a large selection of styles to match your home’s decor. 

These simple DIY vacation rental home hacks go a long way in generating more revenue when marketing your property.

They lead to positive guest reviews that compel other renters to choose your Kissimmee vacation rental home over other homes in the area. You’ll have a consistent stream of renters and a larger return on your home investment for years to come.

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