How to Get Future Guests to Click on Your Vacation Rental Listing

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 at 2:30pm.

You can create the perfect vacation rental by having the features that enhance its comfort, convenience, and value. But none of that matters if homeowners can’t get people to click on the listings for their Orlando holiday homes

This is where homeowners fail when trying to get the most out of their investment. Knowing how to improve your listing’s click-through rate is critical to your success and the revenue you create with your short-term rental property.

The Right Images Get the Attention of Renters 

Your click-through rate is the measure of how many people click on your vacation rental listing. There are many factors that affect click-through rate. These factors and the changes you can make can increase the number of clicks you achieve. 

More importantly, it leads to an increase in bookings for your rental home. 

But before anyone clicks on your listing, you have to capture their attention. The photos you use play the biggest role in capturing attention as users quickly scan through listings on sites like Airbnb. 

Listing Titles and Home Rental Rates 

Your listing title gives users a quick impression of the features and benefits that your property provides. Creating the right title takes time, and you need to test different versions to see which gets the best response. 

Consider the most desirable features of your home and include them in your title. If you’re targeting a specific type of guest (couples, families, business travelers, etc.), tailor your title to appeal to their needs. 

Potential guests will browse by rental rates. So you’ll need to determine the best rate to achieve more clicks and bookings. A rate that’s too high may cause you to lose potential guests while a low rate may cut into your bottom line. 

Review similar listings to see what others are charging for their Orlando vacation rentals. Showcase the unique features of your home in order to get a higher rate without cutting into your bookings. 

Get Found in Search to Improve Clicks 

Each vacation rental platform has its own algorithm to determine what listings appear when a user searches for a location, property type, features, and other factors. 

In some cases, the results a user sees may reflect their preferences. In others, the platform may determine what results are shown based on the quality of the listings and photos used. 

Include information related to your home’s location, surrounding attractions like Disney World, and other important features that highlight the experience your home provides. 

Creating the right listing for your vacation rental home captures the attention of new travel guests. Including the information that users are looking for improves your click-through rates and search rankings for Orlando holiday homes. 

Combining these strategies helps you get more guests to click on your listing and book your home for their next and future vacations.

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