How To Get Luxury Rental Bookings For Your Orlando Vacation Home

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 at 4:08pm.

Having your own Orlando vacation home lets you take advantage of local attractions like Disney World and amenities all year round. 

But home owners are becoming aware of the growing opportunities to leverage their properties by renting them out to luxury travelers.

High-end travelers are moving away from traditional hotel rentals and choosing to spend their time and money on the comfort, privacy, and amenities that vacation homes like yours have to offer. 

Knowing how to market your vacation home to luxury travelers makes it easy to maximize the return on your home investment. 

Make Your Home the Ideal Rental for Luxury Travelers 

You’ll need to make sure that your home is right for the guests you want to attract. Luxury travelers have standards that should be considered and met as you prepare your home. 

You’ll need to remove clutter and invest in home furnishings that appeal to luxury guests. High-quality furnishings, new artwork, and modern color schemes enhance the look and feel of your home. 

More importantly, the photographs you use to market your Orlando vacation home will highlight its design features so that you generate more interest from the right people. 

Organize your property so that guests feel right at home when they arrive. Keep towels nicely folded and keep any necessary items well-stocked and easily accessible. 

The Right Images to Market Your Vacation Home 

Luxury travelers expect to see luxury features when searching for vacation homes online. That’s why you should invest in professional photos and videos that showcase your home to potential guests. 

Videos let online visitors take a “virtual tour” of your home and have a better idea of its features. It also increases the likelihood that they’ll choose your vacation home over other rental properties. 

More advanced strategies include the use of drone videos that capture your home’s surroundings and enhance its value in the eyes of luxury travelers. 

High-quality videos and photographs indicate a level of professionalism on your part, which helps establish trust and credibility among your audience. 

Delivering Exceptional Service and Amenities 

Catering to luxury travelers requires delivering exceptional service and amenities, above and beyond what the average rental guest requires. Considering offering concierge service, daily housekeeping and laundry, and round the clock maintenance. Additional perks could include a personal chef, mixologist, or a yoga instructor. 

Providing all of these services can be extremely challenging for absentee owners. It's one reason why some real estate investors choose to buy a property in resort like the Lake Buena Vista Luxury Resort Village & Spa. Luxury resorts typically provide on-site management as well as high-end amenities like a water park, spa, fitness center, and restaurants. 

Managing the Changing Needs of Luxury Guests 

Once you’ve put the right amenities in place, you’ll need to manage them over time to ensure that guests are consistently satisfied when staying in your vacation home. 

Televisions, appliances, Internet connection, and air conditioning can malfunction. These and other issues disrupt the luxury experience that guests pay for. So preventing these at all costs is critical to the long-term success of your rental property. 

Reliable and durable equipment is worth the investment. More importantly, you or your management team should inspect all items and amenities after each guest leaves so that you avoid unwanted issues. 

By focusing on the experience that your Orlando vacation home provides to your guests, you’ll generate positive reviews on the many channels that you can use to market your home. 

Tapping into this growing market by providing the right amenities, understanding the needs of luxury guests, and creating a memorable experience makes it easy to enhance the lifetime value of your home.

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