How to Get More Vacation Rental Income with the Right Staging

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 10:50am.

Online vacation rental platforms let users choose from the growing number of holiday homes in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

Staging your home plays a big role in helping you get the most return out of your investment. The right staging, photos, and listings lead to more bookings at higher rates.

The following tips help you stage your home quickly and with minimal cost for the best results.

Emphasize Comfort in Your Staging

Prospective guests want to get a sense of the features, comfort, and privacy that your home offers. Staging can create an emotional response that compels them to book your home for their next vacation.

Comfortable furniture, soft pillows and towels, and other items give them a sense of what they can expect. Cleaning your home’s windows and removing clutter from tables and other areas give your home a spacious look that attracts more travel guests.

An Invitation to Relax 

Stage your short-term rental property in a way that showcases the areas where guests can enjoy their time with family and friends.

Photos and online listings should feature your comfortable furniture and relaxing spaces. Sofas, recliners, and beds are where guests want to spend their time in the home.

Outdoor areas are ideal for lounging around the house. Arrange your furniture in a way that lets all guests enjoy common areas together.

Cooking and Dining in Your Vacation Home 

Part of the appeal of staying in a home is the ability to enjoy meals with loved ones. Having a fully stocked kitchen is essential to generating more income from your vacation rental home.

Modern appliances, cookware, and other accessories add to your home’s staging. Your dining table and seating should suggest the perfect place for entertaining family and friends. A home that lets guests enjoy cooking and eating meals together is one that they’ll want to return to on their next trip.

Staging for Sleep

Online reviews usually include comments about the comfort of a home’s beds. Vacation rental homeowners should invest in high-quality beds and linens.

Stock your home with enough pillows and blankets to accommodate all guests in any season. Blinds and other window accessories that block out sunlight are important for anyone looking to get a good night’s sleep.

Other accessories include throw pillows, side tables, and lighting. Anything that helps your guests sleep better during their stay can generate positive reviews and return visits.

The right staging gives homeowners more income from their holiday homes. In Orlando, the growing vacation rental market has made it easy for home buyers to invest in the homes that attract visitors from all over the world.

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