How to Improve the Value of Your Vacation Home

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 at 9:55am.

chefs kitchenChoosing the right vacation home gives you the highest return on your real estate investment. But making improvements over time can further increase its value. This makes it worthwhile for homeowners to update their holiday villas in FL. 

You can enhance your holiday home’s comfort and curb appeal for buyers willing to pay more for the features and amenities they want. Knowing how to improve the value of your vacation home helps you sell it faster and at a higher asking price. 

Interior Home Improvements that Increase Property Value 

Bathrooms and kitchens are the best places to start when updating your home’s interior. Consider upgrading your existing bathrooms or adding an additional one for guests. A home with at least two full bathrooms is more appealing to prospective buyers. Bathroom renovations should suit buyers’ needs, preferences, and tastes. 

Kitchens are a central gathering space in any home. Adding more seating, replacing outdated appliances, installing a kitchen island, and replacing old countertops are some of the upgrades that boost your home’s value. 

Home buyers may want to customize their bathrooms and kitchens once they move in. So if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, then it might be best to keep renovations simple. A neutral design appeals to more buyers. Focus on quality accessories and hardware instead of more expensive upgrades if you want to minimize your spending. 

Updating Your Vacation Home’s Exterior 

Your vacation home’s exterior is what guests and prospective buyers see first. Its design, colors, and surrounding landscape contribute to its perceived value among buyers. 

If you’re selling your home during the spring or summer months, invest in landscaping improvements. Make any necessary repairs or upgrades to paved entryways, porches, and other landscape elements. Planting flowers and mulch are low-cost ways to improve the look of your home’s exterior. Pay attention to doors and windows. Add a new coat of paint to brighten these and other features. 

Choosing a Home with Curb Appeal 

Finding the perfect home when buying is the biggest step you can take in having a vacation home that appeals to buyers when you’re ready to sell.  The right home minimizes the number of upgrades you need to make while giving you the design, location, and other features that will please future buyers. 

Choose a vacation home that accommodates families and their guests. Homes with open and spacious layouts are more appealing to buyers. Brighter rooms appear larger. If you find a home that offers plenty of natural light, that might be something to consider if you want to sell it down the line. 

Knowing how to improve the value of your vacation home helps you get a higher return when it’s time to sell. These simple upgrades can add thousands of dollars to your home’s selling price.

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Image by William Kedersha from Pixabay