How to Make Your Orlando Vacation Rental Look Great on Instagram

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 at 3:34pm.

Are you looking at Orlando vacation homes for sale? Many people buy vacation homes in Florida as a real estate investment because they can generate income through short-term rentals to holiday visitors.   

Social media is a powerful tool that homeowners use to market their vacation homes. Instagram is a popular platform that lets users post, like, share, and comment on images and videos related to a wide range of topics. 

Its filters, stories, and other features make it easy to create unique and engaging content. Best of all, you can showcase your holiday home to attract more travel guests to boost your revenue. 

The following shows you how to make your vacation rental look great on Instagram and increase the return on your home investment. 

Why Your Orlando Vacation Home should be on Instagram

Instagram’s growth has skyrocketed with the number of users reaching over 800 million. This translates to about 95 million posts being shared daily. Travel photos make up a large portion of Instagram posts, making it a perfect place for homeowners to advertise their vacation rentals.

The right images capture attention and generate interest in your property. Making your home look just right on Instagram impacts its success in generating new bookings. Users see all the features your home has to offer while sharing your content within their networks.

Clear the Clutter to Attract More Rental Guests

Travel guests want a place they can make their home during their stay. Your home should be free of clutter so that guests see themselves enjoying your space without any of your personal items in the way.

Removing clutter makes your home appear more spacious and comfortable. It creates a neutral design that appeals to a wider range of lifestyles and tastes.

Decorate Your Home to Make it Instagram-Ready

Once you’ve cleared your home’s space, use accessories that enhance its design and capture attention online. Light fixtures, exposed brick, bold colors, and artwork highlight your home’s features.

On Instagram, these features result in eye-catching and memorable images that compel users to like, share, or bookmark your post for future reference.

Create Living Spaces for Travel Guests

Emphasize your home’s most inviting spaces. Lounge chairs, reading nooks, and other features appeal to travel guests looking to unwind during their stay. Throw pillows, blankets, and fireplaces give Instagram users a sense of the comfort your home provides.

Rearrange your home’s furniture to create guest-friendly spaces to display in your Instagram posts. Bedrooms and bathrooms are the best places to start. With a few small changes, you can give these areas a spa-like appearance that appeals to travel guests.

Use Instagram to attract more visitors to your holiday home in Orlando. Vacation homes for sale give you a chance to own a luxury home you can rent to travelers all year round. These simple tips help you create content that engages users and generates more visibility for your home.

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