How to Make Your Vacation Rental Home Child Safe

Posted by Team Donovan on Friday, August 2nd, 2019 at 10:05am.

There are many safety risks that parents must consider when traveling. So the safer your home is, the more convenience and peace of mind it offers traveling parents. 

Making your vacation home safe for children protects your guests while making your home appeal to a larger number of potential renters. Today’s homeowners can use the following simple steps to make their Kissimmee vacation rentals safer for families and more profitable for you. 

Common Holiday Safety Concerns for Parents 

Parents are often unaware of the risks involved when staying at someone else’s home. They may not think to inquire about safety measures when booking a vacation rental home. 

Heavy furniture that hasn’t been anchored to the floors or walls can tip over. Swimming pools that are unsecured can increase the risk of drowning accidents. Stairs, busy streets, and other safety risks need to be considered by parents and vacation rental homeowners. The more threats you identify and address, the safer your home will be. 

Making Your Vacation Rental Home Safe for Children 

Having the right safety measures in place can help you secure more short-term rental bookings while preventing any accidents that can harm your guests. 

Start by securing heavy furniture. Kids like to play and explore. Heavy furniture can fall over if a child tries to climb them or pushes them over. Purchase anchors at your local hardware store to secure large dressers and other items. 

If your home has a swimming pool, a four-sided barrier is critical to keeping children safe. You should also have throw ropes, buoys, and first-aid kits available. Pool alarms can be installed to alert parents when a child has entered the pool area. 

Safety gates for stairs and doorways should also be available for guests. If your home is on a busy street, it’s important to keep children from wandering outside. 

Providing the right safety measures adds to the convenience and comfort of your vacation rental home for guests. 

Child-Safe Vacation Rental Homes Appeal to More Travel Guests 

Cribs, high-chairs, night lights, bed rails, and baby monitors can also help keep children safe and their parents at ease. Purchasing these inexpensive items is a one-time investment that will pay dividends with happy rental guests. 

Once you’ve made your home safe for children, be sure to include those features in your online listings. Making child safety a feature of your home will attract guests looking for Kissimmee vacation rentals they can trust. 

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Image by maalbak from Pixabay