How to Pet-Proof Your Orlando Vacation Rental

Posted by Team Donovan on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 at 2:12pm.

There’s no denying that Orlando is a popular travel destination, thanks to theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. As a result, a vacation home owner has to compete with many other properties in the area for holiday guests. We’ve shared some ideas on how to attract rental guests in a previous article: 

How to Make Your Vacation Home Stand Out from the Competition 

Allowing guests to bring their pets to your home is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from other vacation rental properties. Nearly 65 percent of U.S. households own a pet, and many of them wouldn’t dream of leaving their dog or cat behind when they travel. Many of these people wind up staying at pet-friendly hotels because few vacation rentals allow pets due to concern about potential damages. 

You can appeal to the pet-traveling market with the help of some home automation devices that will allow you to pet-proof yourOrlandovacation rental, offer your guests a friendlier experience, and bring in up to 30 percent more rent than properties that don’t allow pets. 

Here are 5 ways you can pet-proof your Orlando vacation home to make a great impression with pet-loving rental guests. 

Install Pet-monitoring Cameras 

Pets can get nervous in an unfamiliar place, making them more likely to display bad behavior. Your guests may leave their pets alone in your home for short periods of time during their stay. You can preserve your property and help your guests feel more secure by installing a camera that they can monitor right from their smartphone. Products like the Petzi Treat Cam or PetChatz use a camera, voice and treat dispenser to soothe animals and prevent nervous activities like chewing, scratching and barking. 

Maintain a Steady Temperature 

Pets, like many people, aren’t comfortable with extreme temperature changes, so it’s important to maintain a comfortable home environment. Smart thermostats like the Nest or Lyric are perfect for keeping your guests and their pets comfy in your vacation rental. Smart thermostats can learn your guests’ temperature preferences, depending on the length of their stay, and adjust to them. You can allow your renters access to the app so they can adjust the temperature remotely. If you have indoor or outdoor fans, there are automation apps and systems available to control them as well. The investment in these types of products will pay off in energy savings for you over the long term. 

Add a Smart Dog Door 

Dog doors are useful for allowing pets to enter and leave the property when nature calls, and to avoid accidents when the owner isn’t around. However, if a renter wants more control over the time of day the pet has access to the outdoors, a smart dog door is the solution. Pets wear a connected smart key that allows them to unlock the door. This keeps unwanted stray animals from coming inside and indoor pets from going outside at inopportune times. 

Connect Motion Sensors with Alarms 

You may think allowing pets in your vacation home means you can’t decorate it with fragile accent pieces. Contact sensors can keep cats and dogs from jumping on top of shelves, getting into cabinets or accessing other potentially harmful areas. When a pet approaches an area, the sensor triggers an alarm to keep the animal away. Smart Wi-Fi motion sensors do cost nearly twice as much as traditional motion sensors, but they are easier to automate. 

Provide Robotic Vacuums 

Robotic vacuums are a great way to help renters keep areas clear of fur, dirt and or scattered cat litter. Your holiday guest can run the vacuum when they’re away from the house, and schedule it to turn off when they return. These products can cost several hundred dollars, but the investment is worthwhile since it can double as a renter perk and convenient cleaning tool. 

Once you’ve pet-proofed your Orlando home with smart devices like the ones mentioned here, you are sure to impress future renters with pets, and encourage repeat business from them, as well as good reviews for other guests to consider. Make sure you include these pet-friendly upgrades in your rental listing to attract more holiday guests. 

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