How To Positively Spin A Negative Vacation Rental Review

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 10:27am.

Online reviews can make or break the success of your vacation rental home. What people say about your home (or you) influences the decisions of future guests. 

Orlando vacation rentals near Disney have a unique marketing advantage over other rental properties. But even one bad review can hurt your bottom line. 

Negative reviews can lower the perceived value of your home and reduce the profits you see from your home investment. 

Knowing how to handle a negative review about your vacation rental helps you avoid these issues and correct them early on so that you maintain your home’s revenue. 

Be Responsive to Negative Reviews 

A lack of response is the biggest issue when handling negative reviews. By not responding, homeowners fail to demonstrate any concern for the experience their homes offer their guests. 

Responding to feedback quickly is essential to preventing any damage to your home’s reputation. Being honest requires you to admit when you’ve fallen short of meeting a guest’s expectations. 

But in cases where you weren’t in the wrong, you can explain misunderstandings and even compel users to see your point of view. 

Above all, you show that you care about your guests, their needs, and delivering greater value in the future. 

Always thank guests for their feedback regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Reviews are valuable to your continued success, so they actually help you increase your home’s profitability over the long run. 

Responding Privately 

You may receive private feedback that isn’t seen by other users, particularly if your home is listed on a site like Airbnb. The same best practices listed above should be observed in these cases as well. 

Any guest is a potential return guest, even if they weren’t completely satisfied the first time around. 

Being responsive and accommodating in private can turn an unsatisfied guest into a return visitor. This is especially true if your home is in a prime location like Kissimmee or has unique features that they enjoyed despite their complaint. 

Responding privately can prevent guests from posting negative public reviews. When you address the issue early, you may influence guests to leave positive reviews for others to see. 

Provide Better Service to Guests 

Guest feedback lets you know where you can improve. Without it, you could see a decrease in the number of bookings. 

But responding to feedback is the first step. Doing something in response to that feedback is what matters. 

You might need to improve the process used to book your vacation rental home, address noise issues, or improve the quality of your furnishings or accessories. 

Some homeowners may have to make themselves more available during check-in and check-out times. 

You can improve the experience of your guests in many ways. Sometimes all it takes is providing more information to prevent confusion and ensure that guests have everything they need. 

Negative reviews may be impossible to avoid even for Orlando vacation rentals near Disney. But knowing how to respond to feedback helps you eliminate the risk of lower ratings that affect your bookings. 

Investing in a vacation rental home that meets the expectations of guests increases its return as an investment. You’ll enhance the value of your home and rewards it will provide for you and your family. 

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