How to Prepare for Your First Short-Term Rental Guest

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 at 10:12am.

Booking your first short-term rental guest can be an exciting moment. It’s the beginning of your investment journey as you take advantage of the growing (and profitable) vacation rental market.

But it can lead to unwanted and costly issues if you don’t know how to prepare for your first guest.

The vacation homes for sale in Kissimmee, Florida make it easy to create the perfect experience for travelers. This supports the success of your home investment and helps you offer a service that leads to more bookings and return visits. 

Creating a Living Space for All Guests 

The living areas in your home are where guests will spend most of their time when they’re not out and about. 

Common areas should be comfortable and promote relaxation. When guests come home from a day at Disney World or hitting the links at one of Kissimmee’s golf courses, they’ll want to unwind in the home. 

Include comfortable couches and chairs accessorized with functional side tables and a coffee table. 

Provide adequate lighting as well as the means to adjust the lights to the needs and preferences of your guests. 

Kitchen Essentials for Your Short-Term Rental 

Guests want a fully functional kitchen they can enjoy. Your home should include all of the appliances and accessories guests need during their stay. 

Pots, pans, oven mitts, cutting boards, cooking utensils make it easy to prepare almost any meal. You’ll need enough dishes, cups, wine glasses, flatware and other items needed to accommodate larger groups. 

Small appliances such as a microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, tea kettle, and blender complete your kitchen. Include operating instructions to help guests use any appliances they may not be familiar with. 

Bedroom and Bathroom Planning 

Private and shared bathrooms need to provide enough room to accommodate guests and make their personal space just as comfortable as the rest of your home. 

Guests bring many personal items, and they’ll need the storage space to keep their things organized and out of sight. 

Provide guests with an iron, ironing board, hairdryer, and similar items. These aren’t usually packed by travelers, and having them ready at your home gives them added convenience. 

Beds should be made with at least two pillows, bed sheets, and a covered comforter. Mattress and pillow protectors should be used and cleaned regularly along with bed sheets and duvet covers. 

Having these items in place improves the experience of your guests. More importantly, it reflects positively on you as a host. 

You can take advantage of the booming rental market by choosing from any of the vacation homes for sale in Kissimmee, Florida. They offer the designs, features, and amenities that homeowners and vacation travelers want. 

With the right home, you’ll achieve higher ratings on vacation rental websites, more bookings, and a greater return on your home investment. 

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