How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation Rentals

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 11:19am.

Renting your Orlando home to vacation travelers is a savvy way to provide you with additional income while helping you get the most out of your home investment.

The vacation rental market is booming, with sites like Airbnb featuring millions of listings in tens of thousands of cities around the world. As a result, more homeowners are investing in secondary properties that they can rent to travelers.

Condos near Disney World for sale are a great example of the types of rental properties you can purchase as a second home that will attract visitors all year round. Homeowners can also rent their primary homes to take advantage of the growing rental market.

Knowing how to prepare your home for vacation rentals is the first step in meeting the needs of guests and securing more renters over time.

Design the Perfect Rental Home

Providing the features that today’s renters want generates positive reviews that help you market your property while enhancing the comfort of your guests, and leads to return visits. 

Anticipating the needs of guests helps you determine what items to provide. The following are some of the essentials that guests need for a comfortable and memorable stay: 

●          Blankets, pillows, and comforters

●          Towels

●          Toiletries

●          Coffeemaker

●          Desk and office supplies for business travelers

●          Chargers and adaptors for laptops and mobile devices 

Your home’s decor contributes to the experience of your guests. Choose a simple and neutral decorating style to appeal to a wider range of holiday renters.

Protect Your Personal Items

Renting your primary home requires you to protect your personal belongings. When preparing your home for vacation rentals, remove items of value to keep them from being damaged or removed.

Clothes, jewelry, and electronics can be easily removed for safekeeping. Other important items to consider include financial statements and legal documents such as passports and birth certificates.These can be kept in a secure safe in the home or placed in a storage facility away from your property.

In addition to keeping your valuables safe, removing your personal items helps your guests feel more at home during their stay. 

Of course, if you’re renting out a second home, you probably won’t have as many personal items to worry about, but it’s still wise to remove anything you value. 

Get the Best Results When Marketing Your Vacation Rental Home

Marketing your rental home is critical to its success. Investing in a rental home can be costly if you’re unable to attract guests over time. This is especially important as homeowners face a more competitive vacation rental market. 

Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway are just a few of the platforms where homeowners can reach potential renters and create more visibility for their properties. 

Create listings that are optimized to reach the online users looking for a rental property that includes the features and amenities that your home provides. 

Your listings should include as much information as possible along with your home’s location and surrounding attractions. Highlight the features that appeal to renters, and make it easy for prospects to contact you and schedule their stay. 

The condos near Disney World for sale give homebuyers a chance to generate a significant return on their property investments. Knowing how to prepare your primary or secondary home for short-term rentals increases the value of your property by including the features that today’s holiday guests and tomorrow’s future buyer wants. 

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