How to Profit from Disney World's New Star Wars Land

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 at 11:25am.

There are plenty of attractions that draw visitors to Orlando and the Central Florida area. Disney World’s new Star Wars Land attraction Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge offers yet another popular destination for vacation rental guests and their families to enjoy. 

Vacation homes for sale in Florida put home buyers and their rental guests close to world-renowned theme parks and other sights. Giving your home a unique theme can draw more guests and increase the profitability of your rental home. 

Disney World Brings Star Wars to Orlando 

The opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will draw new and return visitors while increasing the demand for vacation rental homes that put guests close to their favorite attractions. 

One way that owners of vacation homes can capitalize on this event is to design their properties with a “Star Wars” theme in mind. Themed rooms add to the appeal of rental homes while enhancing the experience of rental guests. 

Local tourism officials expect the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to be a big boost to the local rental market. They believe it can increase the value of the many vacation homes for sale in communities near the theme parks like Kissimmee. 

Investors who purchase Orlando homes can benefit from future attractions that will open and attract even more visitors over time.

Your Home’s Star Wars Theme Can Appeal to More Travel Guests

Themed vacation rental homes allow guests to enjoy the fun and excitement that local theme parks have to offer even when they’re relaxing in their vacation rental home. The worldwide appeal of the Star Wars franchise has introduced an almost endless supply of Star Wars products that range from toys to home decor items. 

You can decorate your home with Star Wars items that appeal to children and adult fans, making your vacation more memorable for the entire family. You can easily find Star Wars bedding sets, posters, wallpaper, and even bookshelves. Include large and small action figures or models throughout your rooms. Each room can represent a different scene from a Star Wars film. 

Taking Advantage of the New Star Wars Land 

Knowing what guests are looking for is the best way to improve the appeal and profitability of your vacation rental home. 

The new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions will attract Star Wars fans from around the world. You can position your home as the perfect vacation rental for fans by designing your home with their interests in mind. 

A themed vacation rental home lets guests live the Star Wars experience during their entire stay. The more unique your home is, the more likely travelers will want to book it for their vacations. 

In addition, a themed vacation rental home can secure higher rates and consistent bookings all year round. Attracting visitors is the first step in increasing the lifetime value of the growing number of vacation homes for sale in Florida. You can design and market your home to appeal to the right guests while generating consistent revenue and maximizing the return on your home investment. 

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Image by AlexMirnyy1983 from Pixabay