How to Promote Your Vacation Home to Families

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 1:52pm.

Online rental platforms like Airbnb have made it easy for homeowners to make their properties available to today’s travelers. But not all travel guests are the same. Families have unique needs that homeowners forget to consider when marketing their Orlando holiday homes. 

Knowing what today’s families need and making sure you communicate the features and amenities of your short-term rental home will lead to more bookings and satisfied guests. This is especially critical for the Orlando area, since the world-class theme parks and attractions are a popular draw for grandparents, parents and children. 

Travel Challenges for Families 

Traveling can be stressful for most people. But it can be even more overwhelming for parents who have the needs of children to think about. Finding a vacation rental home that’s family friendly can be one of the biggest challenges parents face when planning their trips. 

Vacation homeowners should provide as much information as possible to reassure parents that they’ll have everything they need during their stay. Many “child-friendly” homes fail to deliver the features that parents need. Creating a home that accommodates families can position your property as the ideal choice for parents. 

What Families Need in a Vacation Home 

Families with children need plenty of space for activities. Homes with outdoor areas are especially appealing to families who want to enjoy the outdoors while on holiday. 

A large kitchen can be a popular feature for families. Keep your home’s kitchen fully stocked and include child-friendly cutlery, dishes, and other items. Making it easy for parents to feed their children is one of the biggest benefits you can offer. 

Include photographs and detailed descriptions of your home’s features, floor plans, and location in your listings. The more information parents have about your home, the more they’ll know what they can expect when they arrive. 

Creating a Family-Friendly Vacation Home 

Popular features for families include protected pools, DVD players and other media options, and board games. Nightlights, baby monitors, and door alarms help parents feel more secure in your home. 

High chairs, baby seats, and travel cribs save parents from having to pack large bulky items. Changing pads or tables can be a welcome feature for parents as well as bath toys, non-slip bath mats, bottle warmers, and step stools. 

Soccer balls, footballs, and other sports gear are essential if you have a large outdoor play area. Scooters and wagons are perfect for families when they take a stroll through your neighborhood. 

The short-term rental market gives homeowners an opportunity to increase the lifetime value of their Orlando holiday homes. Tapping into the family market could further increase the benefits you receive from owning a vacation rental home. 

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Image by sathyatripodi from Pixabay