How to Take Photos that Attract More Vacation Rental Guests

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 at 1:03pm.

The right online listings lead to consistent bookings at higher rates for today’s holiday homes. In Kissimmee, Florida, homeowners are taking advantage of the short-term vacation rental market to create new sources of revenue.

Knowing how to take photos that attract more vacation rental guests helps you showcase the unique features your home provides. 

Prepare Your Vacation Rental Home for Great Photos 

Make sure your home looks its best before taking any photos for your listings. Remove personal items from rooms and organize bookshelves, coffee tables, and other areas.

These small details are quickly noticed by prospective guests. Cluttered or disorganized spaces impact your home’s first impression. 

Use natural lighting whenever possible by taking photographs near your home’s windows. Lamps can be used to enhance the lighting in any room. 

Highlight the unique home furnishings and accessories in your photographs. This makes your home stand out from others while complementing your home’s design. 

Learn the Basics of Photography 

Knowing the basics of good photography helps you take photos that attract more vacation rental guests. 

Today’s smartphones take high-quality photographs and include editing features that anyone can use. High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras are also available if you want more advanced features. 

Whichever option you choose, learn how to take pictures in a way that accentuates your home’s features. 

Avoid taking pictures from high or low angles, as this can affect how viewers perceive the spaces within your home. 

Wide angle lenses and panoramic camera settings might seem like a good way to show more in a single photo. But they give viewers a false impression of your home’s size. 

Instead, take photographs from as far back as you can. Photos taken at different angles give prospective guests a clear idea of what your home offers. 

Include the Features that Rental Guests Want 

Once you’ve taken photos of your rental home, you’ll need to decide which ones will appeal to your audience. 

Include photographs of the living areas, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. This lets travelers know what they’ll get when they book your Kissimmee vacation rental. 

Photograph the exterior of your home. An attractive exterior captures the attention of online users as they browse through different listings. It gives them a sense of your home’s unique design and style. 

Other outdoor areas such as the patio, play areas, and front yard should also be included in your photographs. The more people see, the more likely they are to book your rental home for their next vacation. 

The holiday homes in Kissimmee, Florida give today’s travelers a more comfortable, secure, and cost-efficient option when compared to traditional hotels. 

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