How to Use Technology to Appeal to Today's Holiday Renters

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 8:41pm.

Attracting the right renters to your holiday home is a big part of getting the most out of your Orlando vacation home investment. But meeting the changing needs of today’s holiday travelers isn’t always easy.

As the vacation rental market becomes more competitive, homeowners must provide the features and amenities that appeal to all renters. 

Knowing how to use technology is one of the best ways to make Orlando holiday rental homes stand out from the crowd and keep guests connected, entertained, and secure. 

Technology Essentials 

Holiday renters need to keep their devices charged at all times. Make sure you have plenty of available power outlets for guests to plug into. 

Avoid blocking power outlets with furniture or occupying them with items that guests may not need such as alarm clocks or decorative lamps. 

Include chargers that accommodate today’s popular devices as well as universal converters for international guests. 

Technology for Entertainment 

Your home should provide the entertainment options that renters expect. Apple TV and Google Chromecast are two ways that guests can stream media from their devices to your home’s televisions. 

This makes it easy for them to use entertainment apps such as Netflix and Hulu to watch their favorite movies or shows. 

Install a wireless audio system to give your holiday renters a convenient way to enjoy their music. Wireless systems allow guests to control their music from anywhere in the home using their mobile devices. 

Gaming systems are another feature that can attract more visitors to your rental home. All of these features can be highlighted when posting your home on vacation rental sites, giving potential guests more reasons to choose your property over others. 

Home Security for Holiday Renters

The safety of guests is one of the features that many homeowners overlook. Traveling to an unfamiliar place causes visitors to worry about their privacy and security. 

Securing your Orlando holiday rental home with technology makes it more appealing to prospective renters. 

A keyless locking system creates greater security and convenience. The August Smart Lock system gives your home a keyless entry feature, eliminating the risks associated with providing physical keys that can be copied or lost. 

Guests monitor the home’s entryways from anywhere, and keyless locking systems are easy to install. Homeowners can create unique codes for each guest while further securing their properties. 

Enhancing the Comfort of Your Orlando Holiday Rental Home 

Providing space heaters and fans ensures that guests enjoy their stay no matter what the temperature might be. 

This is especially important for guests who may not be used to warm weather or unexpected cold fronts. 

Smart thermostats enhance the comfort of your home. These systems allow guests to control the home’s temperature throughout the day and can be customized to their schedules and personal needs. 

Technology has made it easier than ever to create the ideal vacation setting for renters. Including these features makes Orlando holiday rental homes more appealing to prospective guests and maximizes the return on your rental home investment.

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