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The June Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

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June 'maths' From The Resort Area...   Junes sales across the resort area totaled 375 which was 3 lower than the corresponding month a year ago and 7.2% lower than the 402 sales in May 2019. Homes under contract awaiting closure were unchanged from the previous month at 662 but 44 or 7.1% up from the 618 total pipeline of a year ago. The number of homes withdrawn from the market having failed to attract a buyer was at the lowest monthly level for over 3 years at 54 homes. The markets median price of $221,843 was up 5.8% from the one year ago price of $209,675. A home that sold achieved an average 97.4% of the asking price after 98 days on the market which compares to 128 days a year ago and the 97.3% average price achieved. Overall inventory was 1.4

April 'arithmetics' From The Resort Area...   The median price of a resort area home in April stood at $217,936 which was 5.6% higher than the $206,286 median of a year ago and 0.6% up from last months $216,628. The total number of homes listed for sale was down 1,273 to 1,263 homes whilst a house that sold during April closed after an average of 100 days on the market achieving 97.3% of its listed price. This compares to the 132 days it took a year ago and an average achieved price then of 97.4% of the listed price. Total sales during the month of 331 compares to 345 closings in April 2018 and the 322 of last month. Homes under offer and awaiting closure totaled 657 which compared to 579 last month and a 698 pipeline total last April.  During the…

March  'maths' From The Resort Area...   Inventory levels across the market were down 2.1 % from last month at 1340 listings but up 3.3% from the 1297 total of March 2018. Homes under contract awaiting closure totaled 579 which was 7 higher than the 521 pending total of last month but 18.2% below the 616 total of one year ago. Total monthly closings of 322 compared to 205 last month but were little changed on the 325 closings  recorded in March 2018. Homes selling over the past month achieved an average 97.5% of their listed price having spent 103 days on the market which compares to the 97.5% and 132 days respectively a year ago. The March median price of $216,628 represents a 5.9% increase from the one year ago median of $204,111. Homes not…

The March Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

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February 'financials' From The Resort Area...   The total 205 resort area sales in February were 12.2% lower than the 230 sales in January and 31.3% below the 294 closings in the corresponding month last year. The markets median price was up 5.6% from a year ago at $216,125 whilst an average home achieved 97.5% of its listed price ( unchanged from a year ago) having spent 101 days on the market compared to 103 days in January and 133 days in February 2018.  Total inventory of 1369 homes was 4.4% below the 1430 level of last month but 4.5% up on the February 2018 total of 1310.  The number of homes under contract awaiting closure stood at 521 which was 32.5% higher than last year but 4% down year on year.  Homes withdrawn from the market having…

The February Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

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January 'journal' From The Resort Area...   Resort area inventory month on month continued the rising trend that has been evident for the past few months with the number of homes listed for sale up 14.2% from 1252 listings last month to 1430 this month although compared to inventory levels of a year ago total overall levels year on year remain unchanged. The average days on market that a home now takes to sell stood at 103 during  January which was 1 day higher than December but some 30 days below the 133 level recorded in January 2018. A home that sells now achieves on average 97.5% of its listed price which is unchanged from last month but up from the 97.25% average attained price of a year ago.  The markets median price is 5.2% higher than a year…

***Published on 1st January 2019***

December "data" from the Resort Area Market...

The final Team Donovan review of sales activity for 2018 revealed that the number of December active listings across the resort area was 1252 which represented a 19.8% fall in overall inventory compared to the 1500 home total of December 2017. During the last month of 2018 overall sales totaled 292 after the average home closed at 97.5% of its listed price having spent 102 days on the market. The corresponding month of 2017 recorded 337 sales each spending an average of 122 days on the market and achieving 97.1% of the listed price. The markets median price closed the year 5.3% higher than December 2017 at $213,500 from $202,706 one year ago. The pipeline number of

The December Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

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