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November 'numbers' From The Resort Area...
The resort area median price was 7.7%  higher than a year ago at a revised $229,688 from $213,306. Total inventory available for sale was also higher than a year ago with the November inventory at of 1,417 homes which was 5% higher than the 1,349 listings promoted a year ago. Homes that have sold over the past 4 weeks attained an average 97.5% of the listed price having been on the market for an average of 97 days which compared to 97.3% and 111 days achieved, respectively, a year ago.  Total closed sales for the month of 314 were 9.8% higher than the closed total of a year ago when the market saw 286 homes change hands. The pipeline of 487 homes awaiting closure were also up on the November 2018 total of 

October 'observations' From The Resort Area...   The Resort area saw total sales of 316 during October which was down 10.4% from the 349 closings of October 2018 but a rise of 4.8% on the 301 sold homes last month. The pipeline number of properties under contract awaiting closure stood at 413 which was a rise of 4.4% from the corresponding pipeline total of one year ago. A home that sold achieved an average of 97.6% of its listed price having spent 99 days on the market which compared to the 97.5% and 116 days achieved respectively one year ago.  The markets median price was up 7% from $212,362 in October 2018 to $228,118 whilst the number of homes withdrawn from the market during the month having failed to sell totaled 77 which was 11 lower than…

Can climate change be a good thing? It depends on who you ask. When it comes to property values, hurricanes and flooding can negatively impact homeowners living in high-risk areas. 

But they can also create a demand for homes in areas that don’t face the same risks. Waterfront properties may no longer be as attractive to homebuyers who want to get the most out of their investments. 

Orlando holiday homes are becoming more appealing. Knowing the potential benefit that climate change may have on Orlando and surrounding homes can help you take advantage of new home investment opportunities. 

The Growing Risk to Coastal Homes 

The value of real estate properties can change in response to many factors. The changing weather patterns in some parts of

September 'summary' From The Resort Area...

Resort area prices recorded a year on year median price increase of 6.9% from $211,293 to $226,731 during September according to the latest monthly figures. The average days on market that a home takes to sell has fallen by 22 days during the same period to 98 days whilst a home that sells achieves on average 97.6% of its listed price compared to 97.6% back in September 2018. Total inventory was up 4.5% or by 55 homes from a year ago at 1,200 whilst the pipeline number of homes under contract awaiting closure stood at 529, up from 524 in September 2018 and also up on last months pipeline of 513 homes. Completed closings during September totaled 301 which was 5.9% down on the 319 sales of a year ago and 24.9%

The September Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

                                                                               Community Reports

August 'allsorts' From The Resort Area...
The sale of 376 homes during August across the resort area reflected a 5.5% fall in overall closings compared to a year ago and a 4.5% decrease from last months total sales of 393. The average days that a home took to sell is down 26 days from a year ago to a revised 97 days and down one day from last month. Homes that closed achieved an average 97.7% compared to 97.2% achieved a year ago. The markets median price was 5.2% higher than a year ago at $223,968 from $212,812. The number of homes under offer/contract stood at 513 at the end of August compared to 548 last month and the 517 pipeline total of a year ago whilst 94 homes were withdrawn from the market during the month having failed to achieve a…

Home investors are taking advantage of the growing popularity of Kissimmee vacation homes, and travelers are choosing short-term rentals over costly hotels more than ever before. 

In Osceola County, the vacation rental market is thriving, benefiting homeowners, renters, and the county. Airbnb, VRBO, and Uber have fueled the sharing economy, giving vacation rental homes an even bigger boost. 

Osceola County: The World’s Vacation Home Capital 

The latest figures from Osceola County’s tourism authority show that the county has seen its vacation rental market grow by about 470 percent in recent years. The county’s 22,000 vacation rentals will soon multiply to meet the growing demand for holiday rental homes. This extraordinary growth has helped make

The August Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

                                                                               Community Reports

July 'jargon' From The Resort Area...   Total inventory levels in the resort area were little changed from last month but recorded a 6.9% increase from a year ago with listed homes up from 1,158 to 1,238 over the last 12 months. The average days that a home takes to sell has fallen by 32 days over the same period from 130 in July 2018 to 98. A home that sold during July achieved an average 97.6% of its listed price compared to 97.3% 12 months ago. A homes median price continued year on year growth with a 5.9% increase from July 2018 to a revised median price of $223,250 from $210,681. The pipeline number of homes under offer/contract awaiting closure totaled 548 which was down 20.8% down from last months 662 and also 6.9% lower than the 586

A swimming pool can be an attractive feature in a vacation home. But for homeowners, there are pros and cons to think about before you invest in any of today’s Orlando homes for sale with pools. 

Knowing if a swimming pool can maximize your home investment will help you increase your return and give your rental guests the features they desire. 

Swimming Pools in Today’s Real Estate Market 

Swimming pools are typically found in high-end homes, and many of those pools aren’t used as often as homeowners anticipate. This results in a costly feature that offers fewer benefits to home buyers. 

When it comes to Orlando vacation homes, a pool can be a great asset since holiday guests can enjoy a relaxing swim after a long day at the area theme