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The October Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

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September 'summary' From The Resort Area...   The Resort areas median price was up 7.9% year on year in September from $226,731 to $244,658 whilst homes were also selling on average 2 days quicker than they were a year ago at 96 days.  A September closed home achieved on average 97.8% of the asking price which was marginally up on the 97.6% level being achieved 12 months ago. Total inventory of homes available for purchase stood at 1,484 which was 5.1% less than the previous months inventory but 184 homes higher than the September 2019 total of 1,300. Total market sales of 432 reflected a 43.5% increase on the 301 closings of September last year and were also up  63 sales compared to the 369 closings last month. During September 118 homes were…

Kissimmee has long been recognized for its ideal climate and renowned local attractions like Disney World. It ranks among the top places to buy a vacation home for your family or as a short-term rental home for paying guests.

The social distancing guidelines resulting from the coronavirus pandemic have changed the needs of travelers. As a result, destinations offering plenty of outdoor activities are in greater demand.

If you’re looking to buy a vacation home that will appeal to travelers all year long, the vacation homes in Kissimmee offer a great opportunity for home investors.

Vacasa Ranks Kissimmee as a Top Vacation Home Destination

Kissimmee recently ranked among the Top 25 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home according to vacation rental

Construction of new homes in Orlando is booming thanks to an influx of out-of-state residents moving to Florida, low interest rates, and Orlando's renowned attractions. In addition, Orlando’s rental market is tight, with an average vacancy rate of 8.3 percent.

The Construction Boom in Orlando

Dodge Data & Analytics reported new home construction valued at $711 million in Central Florida counties during the month of July, an increase of about 22 percent compared to July 2019.

The boom in construction supports the local economy by creating new job opportunities. That’s good news for home investors looking to buy short-term rental vacation homes in one of the country’s most popular destinations. As Orlando home sales continue to rise, so does the

Prepping your home for sale can be a complicated process. But with a few simple steps, homeowners looking to sell their vacation homes in Orlando can attract the right buyers and increase the return on their investment. Here are a few key areas to address before you contact a real estate agent.

1. Start with Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When buyers visit your home, they want to see a clean and well-maintained property. They look at your home’s landscaping, windows, and entryways. Look closely at your home’s exterior as if you were a potential buyer to make sure it is inviting. Doors and screens should be clean and functional. Remove dirt and dust from door handles, light fixtures, your mailbox, and doormat. Be prepared to replace any or all of these

August 'announcements' From The Resort Area...   August resort area inventory levels saw an overall increase of 25.3% year on year to 1,561 homes which was also a rise of 4% from the 1,500 homes listed last month. The total number of sales during August was 369 which was 7 closings down on the corresponding month a year ago and 44 lower that the 413 sales in July. A sold home during August closed in an average of 97 days which was the same as August 2019 and achieved on average of 97.8% of the asking price which was also little changed from the 97.7% level last year.  The markets median price stood at $241,750 which was 7.9% up on the $223,968 median price of one year ago.  The number of homes pending under offer/contract awaiting closure stood at 

Selling your short-term vacation rental home lets you reinvest in a new home or maximize the return on your investment. But it can be challenging to sell a vacation rental home when it’s occupied by short-term rental guests. You don’t want to miss out on buyers willing to pay top dollar for holiday homes in Kissimmee. The following steps let you maintain rental income while selling your short-term rental home.

Keep Your Home Booked While You Sell

It doesn’t make financial sense to stop booking short-term rental guests when trying to sell your home. Keeping your home occupied ensures that you don’t lose revenue when promising buyers fizzle out.

Notifying your guests that your home is on the market can allow you to show the property to buyers even

Accepting a buyer’s first offer is something home investors typically avoid when selling their Kissimmee holiday homes. But in some situations, it may be the right choice to make.

Here are three reasons you should accept a buyer’s first offer on your home. Knowing when to use this strategy can help you close the sale fast while still getting a higher return on your home investment.

Reason #1: You’ve Found the Right Buyer

Sometimes, the right buyer comes along and makes it easy for you to accept their first offer. For example, an all-cash offer eliminates the need to wait on financing, and cash buyers won’t have many barriers getting in the way of buying your home.

If it’s not cash they’re offering, a buyer may have all the information you need

Home buyers often try to get the most while spending the least when making offers on Disney villas for sale in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Lowball offers are one of the biggest hurdles home owners face when attempting to sell their properties. Knowing how to counter a lowball offer will help you get the most out of the sale of your vacation home.

Why are Buyers Making Lowball Offers on Your Vacation Home?

Realtors consider lowball offers to be any price that’s 20 to 25 percent lower than your listed selling price. Although, what constitutes lowball depends largely on the price of your home. For instance, a home owner would be more likely to dismiss an offer of $80,000 on a $100,000 home than a $1.6 million offer to buy a $2 million home.

The July Team Donovan community reports have now been updated and are available from the following link:

                                                                               Community Reports