Short Term Rental (STR)

Short Term Rental (STR)

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Balmoral Resort Florida is a popular destination for home investors looking to buy vacation homes in Haines City and the surrounding theme park areas of Orlando.  

The resort has long been recognized for amenities that include concierge services, a fitness center, and private pools, among others. It now has a new sports complex that gives residents and visitors even more activities to enjoy. 

Getting to Know the New Feltrim Sports Village 

The new Feltrim Sports Village at Balmoral Resort Florida features practice fields, a main stadium, and ongoing development plans that include sand volleyball courts.

The complex is built on five acres and includes a practice field that can accommodate lacrosse and soccer games. Players have access to locker

Real estate investors will soon have a prime opportunity to profit from Orlando’s popular vacation rental market with a new condominium resort set to open just 5 minutes from Disney World. 

The Sycamore Orlando Resort is spearheaded by Primeland Real Estate Development, which has more than 18 years of real estate development and financing experience in Orlando. Their goal with this new vacation condo resort is to deliver a project with outstanding aesthetic appeal and distinctive design that provides the investor with a profitable and low-cost operation. 

This new real estate project will allow home investors to take advantage of the opportunity to own luxury Kissimmee vacation rentals that cater to the needs of today’s short-term rental guests.

Flamingo Crossings, a mixed-use property owned by The Walt Disney Company, and located on the western edge of Disney World, is undergoing new developments that are giving Central Florida residents and vacationers a lot to be excited about. 

These plans include hotels, retail options and new eateries that are set to open within the next couple of years. The project means homeowners looking to attract guests to their vacation homes near Disney will be able to offer more features and attractions to their rental guests.

What’s in Store at Flamingo Crossings

The ongoing developments at Flamingo Crossings will add to the growing popularity of attractions in Central Florida. It can increase revenue and the number of travelers who make their way to

Knowing how to get more reservations for your holiday rental helps you maximize the value of your real estate investment. The booming short-term rental market has made it even more competitive for homeowners looking to attract visitors to their Davenport luxury vacation homes. 

Offering virtual tours to prospective guests is one of the best ways to showcase your home, generate more bookings, and stand out from the crowd. 

Why Virtual Tours Matter in Today’s Vacation Rental Market

If users arrive at your home and find something different from what they expected, it could lead to negative reviews and unsatisfied guests who won’t return anytime soon. This could hurt your reputation and lead to a drop in short-term rental bookings over time.


Guest cancellations are an inconvenience that vacation rental hosts have to deal with when renting their Orlando vacation homes. But in some cases, you might be the one having to cancel a booking, which can give guests a negative experience that impacts your standing as a host.

Knowing how to cancel a reservation for your vacation rental can protect you and your home without hurting your reputation among your guests. 

Be Clear About Your Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policies give you and your guests a clear understanding of the consequences of canceling a reservation.

If you have to cancel a guest’s reservation, your policy can include a discount or other offers to make up for the inconvenience. Offering a 20 percent discount on their next

Where you buy your vacation home can be one of the biggest decisions to make when purchasing a home that helps you achieve your financial goals. Florida is one of the most popular travel spots in the world, and home investors looking for the best condos to buy near Disney World know the demand is high for homes that put guests close to popular attractions.

Orlando and Miami offer a high quality of life and easy access to popular destinations. But which location is best for buying a vacation home you can enjoy and rent out to paying guests as an additional source of income?

The Growing Real Estate Market in Orlando

Investors from Asia, Latin America, Canada, and other parts of the world have been moving in on Florida properties for quite some

The holiday season is a popular time for travelers making their way to Kissimmee and the surrounding Central Florida attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios. The winter holidays increase the demand for vacation homes in Kissimmee that offer the features and amenities travelers are looking for when booking a trip to the Sunshine State. 

Knowing how to prepare your vacation rental for the Christmas season can make it easy for you to offer a festive home that appeals to holiday visitors. You’re sure to make the season jolly and bright for your guests when you implement the following tips.

Decorating Your Kissimmee Vacation Rental Home

Your home’s decorations create the seasonal ambiance that guests want when traveling for Christmas.

Buying a home in a gated community can give you the amenities, comfort, and security you and your rental guests are looking for in a vacation home. Choosing from the gated communities near Disney World can be a great way to maximize your investment while meeting your lifestyle needs.

Disney's popularity with out of town visitors means you will have an easier time attracting short-term rental guests if that's one of the reasons why you're buying a vacation home. A gated community in a prime location can offer you a higher return on your investment, making it the perfect choice for helping you achieve your long-term financial goals. 

Gated Communities Offer Amenities You May Not Find Anywhere Else 

Gated communities typically include a variety of

Investing in a resort vacation home can offer a wide range of benefits and a higher return on your real estate investment. Orlando luxury vacation rentals near Disney World and other local attractions appeal to a growing number of holiday visitors. 

The following are the top 5 advantages of investing in a resort vacation home that you should consider. 

1. Recreational Activities All Year Round 

Resort vacation homes offer holiday rental guests and their families plenty of activities to enjoy during their stay. Resorts can include golfing, hiking, water sports, and fitness facilities. Tennis and basketball courses make it easy for you and your guests to enjoy sporting activities. 

Orlando vacation rentals in communities like Emerald Island

Buying an Orlando vacation home lets you take advantage of the area’s thriving short-term rental market. Vacation homes in Orlando FL are proving to be great investments for buyers looking to create new sources of income.

Knowing how to buy and profit from an Orlando vacation home can help you secure a property that attracts holiday renters all year round. Working with a real estate agent with vacation home experience makes it easier for you to find the home that helps you achieve your investment goals.

Where to Buy an Orlando Vacation Home

Your home’s location plays a big role in its short-term vacation rental success. So you want to choose a location that draws a large number of visitors throughout the year. Orlando vacation homes put residents