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There are plenty of attractions that draw visitors to Orlando and the Central Florida area. Disney World’s new Star Wars Land attraction Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge offers yet another popular destination for vacation rental guests and their families to enjoy. 

Vacation homes for sale in Florida put home buyers and their rental guests close to world-renowned theme parks and other sights. Giving your home a unique theme can draw more guests and increase the profitability of your rental home. 

Disney World Brings Star Wars to Orlando 

The opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will draw new and return visitors while increasing the demand for vacation rental homes that put guests close to their favorite attractions. 

One way that owners of vacation

Disney vacation homes can attract visitors all year round. But some owners may struggle to book their homes during the late summer months, as families return to their work and school schedules. 

You can tap into last-minute summer rentals to generate consistent bookings. But you need to be proactive and take the steps needed to advertise your vacation rental home to the right guests. 

Who Are Last-Minute Rental Guests? 

You can target specific guests to secure last-minute bookings. Do your guests typically consist of couples and groups of friends or is it more of a family-friendly option for visitors? 

Think about the activities visitors might be looking for. If your home is located near popular attractions, who would be interested in booking

There are many safety risks that parents must consider when traveling. So the safer your home is, the more convenience and peace of mind it offers traveling parents. 

Making your vacation home safe for children protects your guests while making your home appeal to a larger number of potential renters. Today’s homeowners can use the following simple steps to make their Kissimmee vacation rentals safer for families and more profitable for you. 

Common Holiday Safety Concerns for Parents 

Parents are often unaware of the risks involved when staying at someone else’s home. They may not think to inquire about safety measures when booking a vacation rental home. 

Heavy furniture that hasn’t been anchored to the floors or walls can tip over. Swimming

Online rental platforms like Airbnb have made it easy for homeowners to make their properties available to today’s travelers. But not all travel guests are the same. Families have unique needs that homeowners forget to consider when marketing their Orlando holiday homes. 

Knowing what today’s families need and making sure you communicate the features and amenities of your short-term rental home will lead to more bookings and satisfied guests. This is especially critical for the Orlando area, since the world-class theme parks and attractions are a popular draw for grandparents, parents and children. 

Travel Challenges for Families 

Traveling can be stressful for most people. But it can be even more overwhelming for parents who have the needs of

A swimming pool can be an attractive feature in a vacation home. But for homeowners, there are pros and cons to think about before you invest in any of today’s Orlando homes for sale with pools. 

Knowing if a swimming pool can maximize your home investment will help you increase your return and give your rental guests the features they desire. 

Swimming Pools in Today’s Real Estate Market 

Swimming pools are typically found in high-end homes, and many of those pools aren’t used as often as homeowners anticipate. This results in a costly feature that offers fewer benefits to home buyers. 

When it comes to Orlando vacation homes, a pool can be a great asset since holiday guests can enjoy a relaxing swim after a long day at the area theme

Owning a vacation rental home can be a profitable way to invest in Central Florida’s thriving real estate market.

Davenport vacation homes are some of the most sought-after properties among buyers and holiday renters, and the city ranks in the top 10 summer vacation rental cities in the world. 

Davenport is in Good Company among World-Renowned Travel Destinations 

Vacasa, a vacation rental management company, has included Davenport in its Top 10 list based on comprehensive data that includes occupancy rates from 2017 to 2019. This ranks Davenport alongside destinations like Playa del Carmen, New Orleans, San Diego, Milan, and Rome, among others. 

Davenport gives you an escape from the winter weather while being the perfect place for holiday

Margaritaville Resort Orlando’s new water park adds to the many local destinations that attract home buyers and travelers from all over the world. The tech-themed water park Island H2O Live has been created with a younger tech-savvy audience in mind. 

Kissimmee holiday homes near Margaritaville’s new water park can be a great option for investing in the thriving real estate market. It gives you, your family, and travel guests access to the renowned attractions in and around Central Florida. 

Margaritaville’s Island H2O Live Brings Today’s Tech to Theme Parks 

Island H2O Live combines social media trends with popular theme park activities. Social media access, RFID (radio frequency identification) wristbands, and media sharing technologies tap

Finding the perfect vacation condos in Orlando has become much easier for real estate investors. The Grove Resort and Water Park is launching its final sales phase, giving buyers the chance to own a luxury vacation home that puts you minutes away from the popular Walt Disney World theme park. Plus, The Grove offers a short-term rental program that helps reduce the total cost of ownership for homeowners looking to increase the lifetime value of their homes. 

The latest sales phase is the last in a series that began with the 292 homes in the resort’s sold-out Premiere Tower. In 2018, Phase 2 ushered in 293 units in the resort’s Marquis Tower and is close to selling out its residences.

Vacation Condos Available in Sterling Tower  

The new Sterling

Vacation rental homes have become the first choice for today’s travelers. They offer a more inexpensive, comfortable, and convenient option when compared to hotels. As a result, the short-term vacation rental market is booming with Airbnb, VRBO, and other online rental platforms fueling its growth. 

Homeowners are creating new sources of income by renting their properties online, and in a new survey by Realtor.com, Orlando ranked second among the best places in America to own a vacation rental home. 

But new regulations in Orlando and other cities are limiting short-term rental home investment. That’s why buyers are looking at Davenport vacation homes, since this community is ideally located near Walt Disney World – the favored destination of

The popularity of today’s vacation rentals gives real estate investors a new way to generate revenue and maximize the value of their Orlando homes. But if you’re not careful, you could become a target for scams and hoax guests looking to take advantage of the rental market.

Knowing how these scams work helps home investors avoid financial loss, property damage, and other threats to holiday homes. Florida attracts millions of visitors each year, increasing the chances that homeowners will encounter hoax guests. 

Spotting a Hoax Guest before You Book Your Home 

Homeowners can get a sense of a prospect’s interest by the language they use. Scammers may use poor grammar and spelling or they repeat points they’ve already made. 

Hoax guests may