Why it's Smart to Buy a Home in a Gated Community

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 at 9:23am.

Buying a home in a gated community can give you the amenities, comfort, and security you and your rental guests are looking for in a vacation home. Choosing from the gated communities near Disney World can be a great way to maximize your investment while meeting your lifestyle needs.

Disney's popularity with out of town visitors means you will have an easier time attracting short-term rental guests if that's one of the reasons why you're buying a vacation home. A gated community in a prime location can offer you a higher return on your investment, making it the perfect choice for helping you achieve your long-term financial goals. 

Gated Communities Offer Amenities You May Not Find Anywhere Else 

Gated communities typically include a variety of amenities that make these neighborhoods especially appealing to both residents and their short-term rental guests.  As a resident, you can enjoy facilities like swimming pools, gyms, athletic courts, and parks, as well as clubhouses that can be used for hosting private events. 

In addition, gated resort communities offer other features such as retail shops, game rooms, water slides, restaurants and convenience stores that enable you and your guests to get the most out of staying in your home. 

More Security to Keep Your Vacation Home Safe 

Gated communities typically have security systems and staff to keep your home and its occupants safe. This is especially important if you live out of state, or out of the country, for extended periods of time during the year.   

Security guards that patrol the neighborhood and monitor entryways, surveillance cameras, and other security measures help protect homeowners from unwanted visitors. 

Groundskeepers and other staff members can keep your home looking maintained while you’re away. Gated resort communities often provide on-site management, cleaning and booking services, which makes it convenient for absentee owners who choose to rent their property to holiday visitors. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Vacation Home

Gated communities do have rules that govern how properties are used and maintained. Regulations protect your home’s property value by preventing unwanted development. 

A home in a gated community can offer a higher quality of living that can add to the value of your home. With less street traffic and noise pollution, you and your guests can enjoy a level of comfort that other neighborhoods may not provide. 

If you decide to sell your vacation home down the line, you can take advantage of the higher resale prices commonly seen among homes in gated communities near Disney World. The potential for higher resale value, increased security and comfort, and amenities that appeal to the entire family make gated communities a popular choice among today’s home investors. 

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