3 Ways to Help Your Rental Guest Enjoy their Time in Your Home

Helping your guests get the most out of their stay in your vacation home can lead to repeat visits, positive reviews online, and higher booking rates over time. When you go the extra mile to take care of your guests, they know that you have their best interests at heart. 

The following are three ways homeowners can enhance the experience guests have when they choose Kissimmee vacation rentals for their stay. 

1. Customer Service Starts when Guests Book Your Home 

Some homeowners drop the ball once a guest has reserved their stay and submitted their payment. You can stand head and shoulders above your competition by providing top-level service from the moment they reserve your vacation home to the moment they leave.

Questions and issues can come up at any point along the way. Give your short-term rental guests the information they need to easily check in and out of your home. Make sure your home is fully stocked and organized so that guests don’t have to search for essential items. 

Offering excellent customer service throughout the entire experience can lead to higher booking rates in the future and a positive reputation among travel guests. 

2. Help Your Guests Get to Know the Local Attractions 

Your guests will do their research on where to go and what to see. But you may be able to make recommendations that aren’t covered in the typical travel guides renters use. It’s a good idea to offer some suggestions even when your guests haven’t asked. Anticipating their needs improves the level of service you provide. 

In addition to providing local travel guides in your home, create your own list of recommended restaurants, outdoor activities, and other options. Offer a short description or interesting backstory for each item. Include links they might find useful when researching local attractions online. 

3.  Give Your Guests Personal Touches 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your guests with personal messages offering advice, reminders, and information that will make their stay even better. Help them prepare for their stay by sharing any updates related to weather or local events they may want to check out. If you know a lesser known route to Disney that avoids traffic, be sure to suggest that as well. Your guests will thank you for it!   

Reaching out to your guests with helpful information shows that you care. It makes you more accessible and personable as a host, building trust that can lead to repeat visits. Guests who feel that they’ve gotten real value for their money will let others know about your holiday home and recommend it to their families and friends. 

Team Donovan helps today’s home investors find Kissimmee vacation rentals that have the features travel guests are looking for in a vacation home. We can help you maximize the return on your real estate investment and work toward your long-term investment goals. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation to learn more at (407) 705-2616.


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