How to Attract Business Travelers to Your Kissimmee Vacation Rental

The business traveler market is growing, and its value is now estimated at over $300 billion in the U.S. alone. This growth has been fueled by the popularity of home rental sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and others. 

Kissimmee is a popular vacation destination because of its proximity to Disney World. Business travelers who come to Orlando for conferences frequently tack on a few extra days to their trip so they can visit the theme parks before heading back home. 

As the business traveler market becomes more competitive, putting the following steps in place ensures that homeowners get the best return from their Kissimmee vacation homes. 

Knowing What Business Travelers Need 

Attracting and satisfying business travelers requires you to consider their unique needs and expectations. 

Unlike vacation travelers, business guests need to stay connected to work and have the tools they need to maximize productivity and reduce distractions. 

The Right Office Space 

Kissimmee vacation homes that have dedicated offices and workspaces are ideal for today’s business travelers. 

An organized and functional desk is the most important feature you can offer your guests. Include office items such as pens, a stapler, a calculator, paper clips, and file folders. 

A good office space has great lighting. Natural light is best, but you can optimize the office’s lighting by positioning the desk near a window and using lamps that let guests adjust the lighting when working at home. 

Tech Needs of Business Travelers 

You’ll need to provide the information needed to connect to your Internet as soon as possible. The earlier your guests can reconnect to work, the more productive (and grateful) they’ll be. 

Laptops and mobile devices need to be charged regularly. So make sure you have plenty of available power outlets and supply your home with universal chargers and adaptors. 

Keep the Home Organized 

In addition to the workspace, your home’s kitchen, bathroom, and other areas should be organized so that guests find the things they need. 

Business travelers have busy schedules. Making it easy for them to get ready and out of the house when they need to improves their experience. Create a floor plan of your home and list the items that can be found in each area.  

Food Options 

Business guests don’t always have time to prepare food at home. Having dining options nearby makes your vacation rental more attractive to business guests. 

Include information on nearby options such as restaurants and grocery stores. Takeout menus and maps help guests meet their dining needs without interfering with their work schedule. 

There are food items you can keep stocked at home. Cereals, energy bars, fresh fruits, and other items give guests convenient options while demonstrating your consideration as a host. 

Giving a Good Night’s Sleep 

Business travelers need a good night’s sleep after long flights and longer work days. There are a few ways to improve the comfort of your home and enhance the experience of your guests. 

If your home is in a loud area, earplugs that reduce noise exposure help guests get the rest they need. A portable speaker lets them play their own relaxing music or white noise to help them sleep. 

Investing in a high-quality mattress can pay off over time. Guests will appreciate its comfort and share their positive experience with others. 

Business travelers have unique needs when compared to vacation guests. Anticipating these needs and providing the features and amenities that meet them makes Kissimmee vacation homes attractive to today’s growing business traveler market.

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