When our clients are ready to start seriously considering buying a home with us, one of the first things we do is craft a detailed financial analysis so that our buyers make their purchase not just with their hearts, but with their heads too.

What could be better than having your very own furnished vacation home minutes from the gates of Walt Disney World Resort, the world’s most sought-after vacation destination?

No more crowding around the resort pool; most of our vacation villas have their own private pools or have posh clubhouse pools that rarely crowd. No more squeezing into a tiny hotel room; now you’ll have an entire 2 to 7-bedroom home, condo, or townhouse to lounge in.

While the figures below are not a guarantee of actual costs (this analysis was designed for guidance purposes only), they begin to paint the picture of what you can financially expect from home ownership in the Orlando area.

As you review these figures, keep in mind that the rental income shown is for an average Orlando resort area home after paying out commissions to travel agents and other rental agents, but including several weeks of renting out the property yourself.

One thing we know for sure: when you take an active role in obtaining your own rental bookings, you increase your rental income exponentially. Your own bookings will often be at the more desirable retail rate, rather than a wholesale rate offered to owners by many property management companies.

Of course, once you buy a property through us, we will be happy to introduce you to some respected management companies.


 Average Single-Family Home / Villa
Rental income 
$ 20,000 - $40,000
Property Taxes
$ 2,000 - $6,000
 $ 950-$3000
Pool/Lawn care/Pest control
 $ 2,100
 $ 3,300
Management fees
 $ 1,800
Homeowners’ Assoc. fees
 $ 0 - $3,000
Repairs, Maintenance, and Furniture
 $ 1,500
 $ 4,000
Licensing and Misc.
 $ 500
Total expenses
 $ 16,150 - $25,200


As you read through these figures, remember that some portion of your mortgage payments for the year would be applied to reducing the principal mortgage balance. With a vacation rental of this type, your return on investment mostly comes from the increase in value of your property, in addition to the increase in equity resulting from more of your mortgage payment each year being applied to principal, rather than interest. Simply put, we don’t expect you to make a large annual net income from renting out vacation property. This is a longer-term investment that brings with it not only the potential for equity down the road but also weeks, even months, every year of vacation enjoyment for you and your family. The enjoyment return on this investment is truly priceless. *The figures detailed are provided for general guidance purposes only