How Home Automation Can Boost Orlando Holiday Rental Profits

Posted by Team Donovan on Thursday, October 5th, 2017 at 1:34pm.

The market for Orlando holiday rental homes is booming, so it can be challenging to make your property stand out from the competition. One way you can appeal to holiday guests is to install home automation features that improve your home’s comfort, style and convenience.

Home automation does require an initial investment. But you can recoup the money spent by marketing your property as a “smart home” which will attract more renters, and allow you to charge more per day.

Here are a few ways you can add automation to your home to make your property more attractive in today’s competitive holiday rental market.

Home Automation to Increase Comfort and Convenience

Smart Lighting Systems – Rental guests can control the light fixtures throughout the entire home with a remote control or smart phone with today’s smart lighting systems.  

Most systems allow users to adjust light intensity, direction, pattern and color while some advanced systems even sync lighting to music or a movie. Another benefit of smart lighting is that you can set the system up to illuminate indoor and outdoor lights should holiday guests arrive after dark.

Smart Thermostats – Keeping your Orlando holiday home cool is a top priority for owners and their guests. Installing a smart thermostat allows renters to easily regulate the temperature to their liking; and the system can learn their preferences and automatically adjust to them. Plus, smart thermostats will help to cut down on energy  usage, so you can save money on utility costs.

Home Automation to Suit Your Holiday Guest's Desires

Luxury Amenities – If you want to appeal to a more upscale clientele for your holiday home, you may want to invest in luxury amenities like motorized shades and curtains, smart kitchen appliances, or automated shower preferences which allow for easy adjustment of water pressure and temperature. Home theater systems are also a good way to distinguish your holiday rental from others in the area. You might even consider installing a misting system on the patio of yourOrlandovilla to give your guests a cool break from the balmy Florida weather.

Home Automation to Increase Your Property's Safety and Security

Home Security System – Installing a home security system is a wise way to protect your holiday home investment when it’s not in use. And it helps your rental guests feel more secure during their stay. There are a variety of affordable security solutions available.  Smart locks allow you to simplify the check-in process so guests can gain access to your home without exchanging keys. Home security systems can be set up to alert you and your guests in the case of fire, carbon monoxide leak or other serious issues.

Adding smart technology to your Orlando holiday home can help you stay ahead of the competition in holiday rental market, allow you to charge higher rental fees, and provide an outstanding guest experience that will encourage them to return for a future stay, and recommend your property to family and friends.

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