How to Deliver a Great Night's Sleep to Your Vacation Rental Guests

Posted by Team Donovan on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 at 2:55pm.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the many benefits of taking a vacation. Your rental guests expect a comfortable home and an even more comfortable bed. But many vacation rental homeowners miss the mark when it comes to giving guests a great night’s sleep.

The vacation condos in Kissimmee, FL may offer the ideal holiday location, but you need to keep in mind what your guests need in order to ensure repeat business, and a profitable investment. 

Does Your Kissimmee Vacation Condo Need a New Mattress?

A mattress needs to provide the right amount of support in order for guests to get a good night’s sleep. Spend a night on the mattress in your vacation rental. How does it feel to you? If you didn’t enjoy it, chances are your guests won’t either.

Over time, mattresses can lose their support and feel uneven. If the mattresses in your Kissimmee vacation rental are starting to sag, it’s time to invest in replacements to enhance the value of your home and the experience it offers your guests.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Vacation Rental Home

A good mattress can be an investment that leads to more bookings and higher rates, depending on the experience of your guests. Keep your budget in mind when choosing a new mattress, but remember the long-term return it can provide.

Prioritize quality and comfort. A mattress that’s too firm may not appeal to guests who prefer something a little softer. But going too soft may not offer the support some people need to sleep comfortably. A good compromise is to choose a firm mattress and add a soft mattress topper. This can give guests the option to make the bed as firm or as soft as they need.

Accessories for Giving Guests a Great Night’s Sleep

There’s more to a good night’s sleep than your home’s mattress. High-quality pillows and bed sheets are other features to consider for your vacation rental home. 

Like mattresses, pillows should offer the right balance of softness and firmness to accommodate guests. They should be replaced around every six to 36 months, depending on their quality. Less expensive pillows may need to be replaced more often while pillows that have more structural integrity may last longer.

Pillowcases and bed sheets enhance the comfort of any bed. Good pillowcases can protect your pillows, and choosing high quality sheets will deliver the kind of comfort guests will appreciate. Many people typically focus on thread count when choosing sheets, but it’s actually the quality of the content itself that matters most. 

Use this guide when choosing cotton bedsheets: 

  • Low End: 100% cotton. If the label on a sheet doesn’t say anything else, you can assume this is the lowest grade of cotton. These sheets are inexpensive, rough, and not very durable. 
  • Mid Range: 100% pima cotton. These types of sheets are typically trademarked as “Supima” and are much softer than regular cotton, and more durable. 
  • High End: 100% Egyptian cotton. Sheets made from this type of cotton are the best of the best with long, thin fibers that give the fabric a smooth, soft feel, yet are still highly durable. Egyptian cotton sheets are also the most expensive sheets you can buy.

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