How to Help Your Vacation Rental Guests “Live Like a Local”

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 3:31pm.

Travel visitors typically want to explore the renowned theme parks and other features that make Orlando one of the most popular destinations in the world.

But other rental guests prefer to “live like a local” when staying in Orlando holiday homes. They avoid the “tourist traps” and would rather see and do the things that are more familiar to those who live in Orlando and the surrounding areas. 

The following gives your rental guests a truly local experience while helping them discover the attractions that most travelers never get to enjoy. 

Be the Only Local Guide Your Guests Need 

You can be the perfect guide for your guests even if you’re not there during their stay. 

Keep your vacation rental home stocked with local guidebooks and magazines that highlight the surrounding attractions. 

Guidebooks make it easy for guests to plan their daily outings. They offer new ideas that visitors wouldn’t normally think of while on vacation such as farmers’ markets, shows, and festivals. 

Don’t just think about what a traveler would want to see. Instead, consider the restaurants, entertainment, and bar options that you and your friends enjoy. 

Give Your Orlando Holiday Home the Local Look 

Your home’s design plays a major role in making vacation rental guests feel like locals. Photographs and paintings that depict local landmarks are a simple and attractive way to give guests a sense of what it’s like to live in Orlando. 

Have plants in and around your home that reflect the local landscape. Include flowers that are native to the area and aren’t usually seen in other parts of the country. 

This adds to the uniqueness of your short-term rental home and increases its appeal to prospective renters online. You’ll get more positive reviews while boosting your bookings and repeat visitors. 

Welcome Your Guests with a Local Surprise 

Providing a welcome gift is one of the best ways to deliver a memorable experience in your rental home. Choosing something that’s only found in your local area makes it even more special. 

Seasonal fruits, local foods, a bottle of wine from Lakeridge Winery in nearby Clermont, and other gifts can be included to add to the local appeal of your home. 

Think about local vendors, especially those who may not be known around the country. Giving your guests a sampling of local tastes, sights, and smells is the perfect way to help them feel like a local as soon as they arrive.

Your guests will show their gratitude by leaving positive reviews online and telling their friends and families about your home.

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