How to Overcome Common Rental Guest Complaints

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 at 10:38am.

Your ability to attract, book, and service repeat visitors increases the value of your vacation rental home. 

The Lake Buena Vista condos for sale offer the perfect opportunity for home buyers looking to tap into the growing vacation rental market. 

Knowing how to overcome common rental guest complaints is essential to the long-term success of your vacation rental. 

Give Renters the Information They Need 

Many rental listings fail to provide accurate or complete information, causing would-be renters to move on to other listings. 

The following are the elements  your rental listing should include: 

  • Images that highlight your home’s features
  • Accurate directions
  • Up-to-date descriptions that reflect any recent changes
  • Check-in and check-out information
  • Current list of surrounding attractions 

The right listing serves the needs of your guests, enhances your reputation as a host, and eliminates issues that lead to common rental guest complaints. 

Maintain and Clean the Home before Each New Visit 

Failing to maintain your rental home is the easiest way to generate negative reviews for your property. So you should never cut corners when it comes to cleaning your home and maintaining it over time. 

Most rental guests will inspect your home within the first few minutes of their arrival. This is especially true for your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. 

Cleaning the home yourself may save you money. But it can cost you future bookings if you don’t meet the standards of your rental guests. 

Professional cleaning services should be used between each guest’s stay. You can include the cost of cleaning in the rental fee, making it even easier for you to implement this strategy. 

Be Available and Responsive to Guests 

Holiday renters have questions before and during their stay. So you need to be available to address any issues and respond to inquiries or complaints. 

Rental listing platforms such as Airbnb include response times in the profiles of homeowners. So it’s even more important to be accessible to prospective guests. 

Your response time can influence your positioning in the search results of these platforms, leading to more (or fewer) bookings. Being responsive is one of the easiest ways to boost the results you achieve with your rental home. 

Using a management company makes it easy to meet the needs of your guests. Overcoming these and other common rental guest issues is critical to your success as a vacation rental homeowner. 

Delivering the highest level of customer service to your guests is just as important as choosing the right home among the Lake Buena Vista condos for sale.  

Taking these steps supports your success in the search results and generates consistent and higher-paying guests for your holiday home. 

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