How to Get Last-Minute Summer Rental Bookings

Posted by Team Donovan on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 at 8:56am.

Disney vacation homes can attract visitors all year round. But some owners may struggle to book their homes during the late summer months, as families return to their work and school schedules. 

You can tap into last-minute summer rentals to generate consistent bookings. But you need to be proactive and take the steps needed to advertise your vacation rental home to the right guests. 

Who Are Last-Minute Rental Guests? 

You can target specific guests to secure last-minute bookings. Do your guests typically consist of couples and groups of friends or is it more of a family-friendly option for visitors? 

Think about the activities visitors might be looking for. If your home is located near popular attractions, who would be interested in booking a last-minute stay at your home? 

Reach out to local businesses and event spaces. Let them know your home is available. They may have a newsletter where they can feature your home as an option for their audiences. 

Don’t forget about previous guests. Reach out to those who stayed this same time last year and left you a positive review. Send them a personal email and use the language from their online review or visitor’s book comments to remind them how much they enjoyed their previous stay. 

The Right Marketing Message to Reach Last-Minute Rental Guests 

Consider the unique benefits of booking a last-minute stay at your home. Are there concerts or sporting events that people may want to attend? 

Maybe the fact that there are fewer tourists in town will appeal to travelers who prefer to avoid summer crowds. Now’s the time to let them know that they can book a last-minute getaway before the summer ends. 

Include specific details in your marketing message. Are there certain dates that are available? Are you offering a discounted rate or other incentives for last-minute guests? 

Advertising Your Vacation Rental Home 

If you’ve created a Facebook page for your vacation rental home, you can boost your posts to reach more potential guests. 

Facebook and other social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram let you target users based on demographics such as location, interests, and even income. Paid promotional posts reach those users who might be interested in staying in your home. Offer details about your local area, attractions, and upcoming events. Giving people a reason to want to book a last-minute trip is more likely to give you better results. 

Knowing who you want to target and creating the right message is key to getting more last-minute summer rental bookings. You can take advantage of last-minute short-term rental bookings to keep your home occupied and have consistent bookings all year long. 

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Image by RogerMayhem from Pixabay